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I grew up with computers and they've made life a lot easier thanks to being about to to share, obtain, and disseminate information and media instantly. As a history nerd, I appreciate that WordPress's native page builder is called Gutenberg.

About Me

Hi, I’m Brendan and I’m a web dude from California. I enjoy traveling, exploring historical/natural wonders, eating delicious foods, and listening to a large collection of music.

I’ve been working with WordPress for almost 10 years and have helped clients (individuals, small-medium businesses, nonprofits, and government services, etc) start, grow, and scale their digital presence. I love open source stuff, am accessibility-minded, and  I want to make the web a better place for everyone – somewhere people can trust and grow and learn and not isolate in their corners, atomized and secluded from humans and their endeavors. Encourage people to work together! We’re social creatures after all

  • WordPress Core

    Custom Theme and Custom Block Development

  • Bricks Builder

    I’ve been a daily Bricks user and have produced many hours of design, dev, and workflow tutorials watched by tens of thousands of people for just as many hours.

  • Dynamic Websites

    User management, Post management, Bidirectional relationships, Repeaters, Conditional display, REST API, automation – all the stuff you need to make WordPress in to a more functional CMS and publishing powerhouse.

  • Design and Animation

    GSAP, 3D Modeling in web apps, Digital stories and digital experience design, Design and brand guidelines, wireframing and prototyping

  • On and offsite SEO

    I normally refer this business if its larger projects, but if you’d like SEO consultation, we can run through my discovery protocols.

  • Automation

    If you aren’t actively using automation in your or your clients’ life, you are leaving money on the table and working more than you should. Stop repeating yourself! Stop doing the same tasks over and over where you’re prone to make mistakes. Embrace the robots.

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