Apply this style to see the box structure of any layout. This CSS applies a red 1px border to ever element on a page.

<style> * {border: 1px solid red} </style>
  • <style>: This tag is used to define internal CSS. It contains the CSS rules that will be applied to the document.
  • *: This is the universal selector in CSS. It selects all elements in the document.
  • {border: 1px solid red}: This declaration sets a border for the selected elements. Specifically:
    • border: This property is shorthand for setting all four borders (top, right, bottom, and left) of an element.
    • 1px: This specifies the width of the border.
    • solid: This specifies the style of the border, making it a solid line.
    • red: This sets the color of the border to red.